Our Bodies Were Built to Move!

Workplace Massage can help your team move more freely, de-stress, refresh, and get back to work happier and healthier!

We weren’t designed to sit all day at a desk, or stand hour after hour in the same place. Prolonged postures that are a part of our modern lives can be damaging to our overall wellness and cause muscle shortening, tension and pain.

It’s a common misconception that ‘light’ careers, like working in an office put less stress on the body. Office workers are prone to tight hip flexors, lower back pain, tense shoulders and sore necks.

Fight Burnout with On-site Massage!

Regular at work massages can not only help with physical mobility and pain relief; corporate massage treatments are also great for fighting off burnout! A study by Bond University in late 2023 found that burnout in the workplace had almost doubled in just 12 months, sending staff retention numbers plummeting.

How does Corporate massage work?

Our team of highly trained therapists are ready to navigate your workplace professionally, making every employee feel safe and respected, ready to completely relax. We bring comfortable massage beds and clean linen for each massage. We can massage several employees at once in timeframes of half an hour, and hour or whatever time suits you!

If you'd rather plan an off-site team building experience, or a day retreat - we can help with that too.

Enhance Productivity with Yoga, Meditation & Massage!

People who feel valued are more productive, more engaged at work, and much less prone to leave your organisation.  Some of the benefits of massage are increased blood flow which can in turn make your staff feel more energised, more alert and more efficient.

We can provide staff appreciation massages for special occasions, or why not make monthly treatments for the whole team part of your wellness plan. Massage is a great mood booster and used frequently, has shown benefits to treating the symptoms of stress and anxiety.


How Valuable are Healthy Employees?

While booking a regular massage for your employees may not be the cheapest thing you’ll do this week, it’s certainly more cost effective than suffering from a high staff turnover rate, having to train new employees – or worse yet, the destructive effects of stress turning into serious mental health injuries.

In Australia in 2021, the median compensation claim paid for mental health conditions in workplaces was $58,615 and 34 non-working weeks per claim.

Commonly asked questions

What if my employees are worried about undressing in the workplace for a massage?

That’s fine. If you have a room available and people want to remove their outer layers they may. If they feel more comfortable, we can provide a shoulder massage through their shirt, a seated or laying neck massage, or even a completely relaxing Indian head massage to melt away tension.

We rely on our staff and can’t spare them for too long.

Massages could be as short as 20 minutes per person to ease shoulder tension, or you could consider booking the massages at the beginning or end of the day so that those who choose can come in early, or stay a little longer for their workplace massage. early, or stay a little longer for their workplace massage.

How can we promote relaxation in employees who don’t like to be touched?

Workplace massage isn’t the only relaxation technique available. We can also provide an instructor and mats for guided meditations, sound bowl meditation, and yoga. 

What industries benefit most from workplace massage?

High stress industries like professionals, educators, community service and healthcare workers are reported as having the highest stress levels and are typically most likely to suffer from burnout. These industries tend to respond very well to workplace relaxation and wellness programs including workplace massage, yoga or meditation. 

We can help your workplace relax, unwind and lessen stress. With mobile meditation, yoga and mindfulness also available, we could bring in a different relaxation practice to your workplace weekly.

We offer Corporate Massage in Newcastle, across the Hunter Valley, and Sydney

With our base in Picturesque Pokolbin, we service Maitland, Singleton, Cessnock, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, the Central Coast and Northern and Eastern Sydney for Corporate Massage and Wellness Retreats.


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